Encounter Atlanta

Encounter Atlanta

By Encounter Church Media Group

Get ready for dynamic teaching from Dr. Gabriel Allen Powell, Senior Pastor of Encounter Atlanta. Listen each week as Dr. Powell’s messages challenge your thinking and prepare you for your next level with instruction and revelation from the word of God. 

For more information about Encounter Atlanta, visit www.ecollective.church or text encounteratl to 94000. 


The Unspoken Battles

In this soul-stirring message, Dr. Gabe confronts the often taboo topics of afflictions and personal struggles within the church, such as same-sex attraction and infidelity, urging for transparency and the embrace of God's love over condemnation.  DrRead more


It's Going To Be A Fight

Living out your faith is not a spectator sport – it requires action, even in the face of opposition. During this message, Dr. Gabe delves into the misapplication of prophecy in modern culture, the power of divine anointing over material gains, and thRead more


Relax, It's Your Birthday!

It's Your Jubilee Season! Welcome to the season of freedom, debt cancellation,  forgiveness, and rest.  Support the show Text encounteratl to 94000 to stay up-to-date on all things Encounter. Worship with Encounter Sundays at 11 AM ET | Wednesdays atRead more


Like A Tree, Part 3

In this message, Dr. Gabriel emphasizes the importance of spiritual stability and addresses the challenges faced by the current millennial generation. He challenges listeners to reflect on their spiritual journey and the legacy they are leaving for fRead more


Like A Tree, Part 1

Every believer should be Like A Tree... planted and stable. In this message, Dr. Gabe emphasizes the importance of having a strong spiritual foundation and stability in one's faith. He highlights the need to know and serve Jesus, the significance of Read more

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