End-of-Life University Podcast

End-of-Life University Podcast

By Karen Wyatt MD

End-of-Life University is hosted by hospice physician Dr. Karen Wyatt who provides interviews with experts from all aspects of the end-of-life arena. The podcast also includes solo episodes that focus on the spiritual journey of grief, dying and death and what we can learn about living life more fully.


Ep. 294 Virtual Funerals and Memorials: How and Why to Hold Them with Merilynne Rush

Learn best practices for creating a meaningful and powerful funeral or memorial service online. My guest Merilynne Rush is an EOL Doula Mentor, Home Funeral Guide, Green Burial Educator, Advance Care Planning Facilitator, Death Cafe host, former hospRead more


Special Episode: Vigil for Coping with Change

On the ninth of each month we have been called to hold space in our communities on life, death and transformation by ObservetheNinth.org. Today’s vigil will hold space for coping with all of the overwhelming changes that have crushed us this past yeaRead more


Ep. 293 When Your Aging Parent Needs Help: A Step by Step Guide with Leslie Kernisan MD

Learn about a helpful guidebook for people caring for elderly parents that addresses all the major challenges. My guest Dr. Leslie Kernisan is a practicing geriatrician and the founder of the popular aging health website and podcast Better Health WhiRead more


Ep. 292 Life Review: The Hospice Musical – Life, Love and Loss with Benjamin Kintisch

Learn about a touching and humorous new musical that focuses on the stories of hospice patients and how you can join the audience. My guest Benjamin Kintisch is a Cantor, hospice chaplain, and music teacher when he’s not performing on stage. He has lRead more


Ep. 291 The Right Way of Death: Restoring the American Funeral Business with Eric Layer

Learn how the funeral business needs to evolve to meet the needs of our changing society. My guest Eric Layer grew up around funeral homes and cemeteries where both of his parents worked. Now as a partner in a marketing advisory firm he has taken a cRead more

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