Engineering Tomorrow

Engineering Tomorrow

By Midwest Machinery

Unlock the latest advances in HVAC Engineering and equipment design for commercial and industrial HVAC applications worldwide. This is the stuff they don't teach you in school. Mechanical Engineers, building operators, contractors and everyone in the commercial space, this podcast is for you. Sit back, relax, press play and improve your mechanical engineering and building engineering skills in no time.


Custom Air Handlers - Do THIS when designing your HVAC system ...

George Paich from Alliance Air Products joins Brian Gomski and Troy Gladstone to discuss the most important thing to remember when selecting an air handler and the most important things NOT to do. Alliance Air Products was established in 2004 as a cuRead more


Indoor Agriculture - How Growers are Cashing in on Energy Rebates

This week we speak with Jeff Kelley from Kelley Energy Management. We discuss how utility incentives and rebates are acquired, the process, and what you can do to receive one. Kelley Energy Management provides energy analysis that allows utility progRead more


The Future of Engineering Collaboration with Pradyut Paul

Managing engineering teams and data in multiple locations and offices can be a challenge. Existing solutions are bulky, require hefty implementation, are difficult to learn, and aren't flexible enough. Bild has designed a secure and integrated way foRead more


Fluid Cooler School with a Minor in Cooling Towers

Troy Gladstone, Spencer Kaufman, and host Brian Gomski teach fluid cooler class today. Learn what they are, how they work, and when to use them. Plus, Troy and Spencer share their championship rib recipes.


Dirt and Air Separators: A MUST Have for Your Building System Loop

Protecting the investment in high-efficiency boilers, chillers, and other system components necessitates efficient fluid distribution. Eliminating air and dirt removes many routine maintenance items, saves energy, and improves overall system performaRead more

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