Crypto Weekly | Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Altcoin and ICO news from the week

Crypto Weekly | Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Altcoin and ICO news from the week

By Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cryptocurrency news on the regular

Weekly round up of the latest cryptocurrency news. Stay up to date and informed on latest bitcoin, ethereum and altcoin rumours and news from the week. A good trader is an informed trader and an informed trader listens to Crypto Weekly. Dangerously close to educational. ETH tips go here: 0x86C809507994eE7fE37f8C6fd2d67CD0c26D032F


Ep. 117 | KuCoin HACKED, JP Morgan price spoofing, Coinbase anti politics and Michael Saylor buying Bitcoin

Honestly, this was recorded quite some time ago so I can't quite remember what we spoke about BUT, here goes: - KuCoin is hacked to the tune of $200million, however apparently in another blatant copy of Binance policy, your funds are safu. - JP MorgaRead more


Ep. 116 | HEX the new BitConnect? Augur V2, Teenage Bitcoin scammer and Ethereum 2 around the corner!

This week in the news: - As HEX begin advertising huge gains at the sportsball, the side of buses and on taxis, we ask the most important question. Is this the new BitConnect and are we too late? - Augur V2 is here! Now it's even easier to become a dRead more


Ep. 115 | Twitter Bitcoin Scam, Chainlink pumping, Coinbase IPO and Yield farming

THE COVID HIATUS IS OVER. This week in the news: - Somebody gained access to Twitter's support management tools and used this power to scam 13 BTC from the followers of high profile accounts. - Chainlink has been approaching the singularity. Why? - RRead more


Ep. 113 | Reddit ERC20s, Bitcoin hashrate futures, Monero ransom and another Ponzi scheme on Ethereum

Crypto Weekly Episode 113. If you aren't already, subscribe on Patreon: Check out past episodes here: CoinHQ:


Ep. 112 | ETH fixed rate lending, Zoom buy keybase, Bitcoin halvening and hedge fund Bitcoin purchase

Crypto Weekly Episode 112. - Fixed rate lending is coming to ETH via a new start up. - Zoom acquire Keybase. - A legitimate hedge fund big shot is looking to go long on some Bitcoin futures. Plus more! If you aren't already, subscribe on Patreon: httRead more

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