The Fertility U Podcast

The Fertility U Podcast

By Spencer Richlin, MD

The word “fertility” might be foreign for some, but we're here to tell you that knowledge is empowerment and your fertility is all yours. We want you to understand your health and well-being, and your options. Our ultimate goal is to make sure you are equipped with enough knowledge to feel empowered, confident, and ready to tackle any fertility issue, good or bad, should one arise.


A Big Announcement from Dr. Richlin

On this episode of the podcast, Dr. Richlin shares a big announcement! It’s his last episode of FertilityU - but don’t worry, he has a brand NEW podcast called Fertility Now, with new episodes coming out every Sunday! Dr. Richlin will continue intervRead more


Family Genetics: What to Know Before, During, and After Conception

Your genetic makeup gets passed directly to your offspring. Thousands and thousands of genes, when paired with the other parent's makeup, determine everything from eye color to freckles to height. It also can result in the passing of a disorder or chRead more


Acupuncture for Fertility: Ancient Methods in Modern Medicine

Some say that trends cycle in and out, but acupuncture has never gone out of style. It's has been around for 3,000 years for a reason, and Dr. Spencer Richlin is back with another episode of FertilityU to explain why. He sits down with Dr. Amy MattonRead more


The Underwear in My Shoe - An Uncensored IVF Story

Dr. Spencer Richlin is back with a one-on-one interview with the author of the bestseller The Underwear in My Shoe, Brett Russo, as she chronicles her journey through fertility treatment. Her goal: to break the social IVF silence. She talks about theRead more


6 Keys to Holiday Health

Six interviews in one! Dr. Spencer Richlin sits down with members of the Integrated Fertility and Wellness team at RMA of Connecticut, collecting specific quick-tips and how-tos on de-stressing, mindfulness, and gratitude during the holiday season. TRead more

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