Fighting dark patterns - regain your free will online

Fighting dark patterns - regain your free will online

By Marie Potel

Have you ever struggled to resist sites or apps which prompt you to share ever more personal data? Who hasn’t casually clicked on the big green “I agree” button, instead of the little grey links below? And who doesn’t lose their patience unsubscribing from a website, when all it took was one click to “try for free”? 

These features are called “dark patterns” or “deceptive patterns”, which are interfaces that deceive or manipulate users to make them act without realizing or against their own interests. 

Why should we care about it ? Because …

✅ dark patterns harm the autonomy, the welfare and the privacy of individuals, and are psychologically detrimental

✅ a number of laws already prohibit dark patterns, and the global legislative framework is shifting towards clarity, transparency, accessibility and fairness by design

✅ dark patterns affect competition and trust in brands, and even puts our democratic models at risk

And because eventually, there is nothing sustainable about tricking users.

Dark patterns are pretty much everywhere online and yet, it’s not inevitable to be deceived or manipulated. With this podcast, once a month, Marie Potel, founder of the legal design agency Amurabi and of the platform explore with her guests all the aspects of this dark and broad matter : regulation, ethics, marketing, user experience and much more.

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This podcast is proposed and presented by Marie Potel, produced by Amicus Radio and directed by Leobardo Arango.

Original Music : Alexis Mallet.

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