The Frontline: A Podcast for LGBTI Activists

The Frontline: A Podcast for LGBTI Activists

By The Frontline

Presented by ILGA-Europe, an umbrella organisation for over 600 lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) organisations across 54 countries, The Frontline is a podcast about LGBTI activism and lives in Europe and Central Asia. Deep-diving and analysing from a unique and informed perspective, The Frontline aims to bring you to the core of queer activism and give you an understanding on the complexities of what's happening, why it's happening, the wins and the losses, the challenges and commonalities, and the extraordinary ways in which the work of those on the frontlines continues in a rapidly changing world.


How LGBTI Activism Can Be Supported

One thing is always clear, no activist or activism organisation can work alone, and the work needs support. But where can that support be found, how can it be accessed, and when it comes through, how can you use it effectively? In this episode, we’reRead more


The LGBTI Activist Wellbeing Challenge

Wellbeing challenges have been affecting the work of the LGBTI movement for decades, but it is only recently that activists have begun talking about their wellbeing as an issue. While a number organisations and groups have already taken concrete stepRead more


Empowering LGBTI Activists in a Changing World: Introduction

To introduce our new series on empowering LGBTI activism, Bjorn Van Roozendaal from ILGA-Europe talks about the priorities of our work with activists in a world that’s going through enormous change, and what to expect as we explore the challenges areRead more


Being an LGBTI Activist Today

What’s it like to be an LGBTI activist at this moment of enormous change for the world? What are the new challenges, and what’s the daily life of an LGBTI organisation like nowadays?   Joining us to talk about the reality of queer activism in the cuRead more


Queer and the Media: with BBC LGBT Correspondent, Ben Hunte

In 2019, the BBC appointed its first ever LGBT correspondent, Ben Hunte. Whenever an LGBT story breaks, he appears on the 6 or 10 o’clock news and across the BBC’s global websites. His first year on the job has been an unprecedented one, with the risRead more

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