Fully Alive

Fully Alive

By Jordana Meazza

Plug to LIFE and THRIVE with this podcast, where casual, simple talks and incredible tools will have you feeling ALIVE in no time! Why drag yourself around when you can be the person you know inside you can be. Inspiring others to be the best-wholehearted version they can be. Join me every week for another episode of Fully Alive, where you'll learn simple strategies and tools that you can implement today and go from wherever your starting point is to a meaningful and fulfilling life that you absolutely love, feeling connected with who you truly are. You’ll learn to define your identity and how to live in alignment with that; how to easily decode emotions and challenge your thinking, set boundaries and get the right mindset to get out of your comfort zone and achieve everything you want in life. We'll also interview incredible people from around the world. Life is for living, and what's best than to live it feeling Fully Alive! Hit subscribe, so you don't miss out.


Reimagining Authority. A Shift from Obedience

This episode invites you to examine how you perceive obedience and encourages you to choose words that make you feel empowered. How do you approach situations where you're required to do something asked or requested by someone else? Are there other wRead more


Finding Your Unique Flow and Navigating Personal Growth

In this episode, I share my journey of finding my unique flow for creating podcast episodes and embracing authenticity. Learn about some exciting changes to the podcast structure, inspired by my need for more freedom and a desire to honour my own floRead more


Want: the stigma, and the empowering side we don't see

Hello beautiful human being! This week we talk about the hidden truth about the word Want and all the stigma surrounding this sometimes, many times, really empowering word. What's best than to talk about what we want? :D So grab a cuppa and let's opeRead more


No more hiding!

No more hiding! Is there something you would like me to talk about? Let's talk POUR SOME SWEET, SWEET LOVE! Support this podcast https://www.buymeacoffee.com/fullyalive Want to share this episode? Share this link https://fullyalive.buzzsprout.com/shaRead more


The most overused word that hold enormous meaning

On this episode of Fully Alive, we'll talk about a type of love that is talked about so much all around and yet sometimes is hard to really grasp what it's about.  Is there something you would like me to talk about? Let's talk POUR SOME SWEET, SWEETRead more

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