The Glorious in the Mundane

The Glorious in the Mundane

By Christy Nockels

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The "Glorious in the Mundane" podcast is hosted by Christian Artist and Worship Leader Christy Nockels. Offering conversations and interviews with some of your favorite artists, speakers and authors, the podcast is designed to inspire you right where you are today doing whatever it is you're doing.


Season 9 Episode 6 // Be Loved

I have LOVED this spring series so much! God has been reminding me of truth that He set in my heart, so long ago, knowing that I would need that truth to wash over me again, TODAY! We are going to remember together, that God always knows where to finRead more


Season 9 Episode 5 // Knees to the Earth

Today we are celebrating the release of another EP called “Knees to the Earth,” which is the next three songs from the "Live from Keeper's Branch" album  that we are unfolding this spring! Not only are these songs so sacred to us, many of them have vRead more


Season 9 Episode 4 // Lord I Need You

Okay so…somehow this episode got really personal! Did I actually just reveal what I want my “Grandma” name to be, someday?  Or, maybe it feels personal because this song, “Lord, I Need You”, that we’ll come around today, is very dear to me! I’ll talkRead more


Season 9 Episode 3 // The Heart of Worship

I am so excited to continue this spring series, coming around my new EP,  “You Revive Me”, available everywhere you listen to music! Y’all know me by now, that these songs are simply a diving board for us to plunge into the deep together! Into the glRead more


Season 9 Episode 2 // Breathe Your Name

It has been so beautiful to get to release some new, yet familiar—even tried and true songs—in this season! One of those is the song, “Breathe” paired with another beloved song, “Let it Be Jesus.” Today, I’ll take you back to the seasons I was in whRead more

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