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EP 57: DATING: THE FILM AND SERIES | Eirinn Disbrow, Jonah Feingold, & Anna Jaller

Ever catch yourself thinking:  "My dating life is so epic, it would make a great movie or tv series!!" followed by "that's ridiculous, movies take thousands of dollars?!" or even "that's ridiculous!  It's the pandemic, I can't even GO to the movies!!" ? Well friends, I have not one but TWO incredible filmmaking teams that beat both odds and managed to create gorgeous, hilarious, heartwarming content, pandemic be damned, about modern dating. Eirinn Disbrow (Director) and Anna Jaller (Producer, Actor) created Love in 2020, an all-too-familiar tale of managing dating while quarantined inside your home, that ultimately becomes a love story about falling in love with yourself. Jonan Feingold (Writer, Director) created Dating & New York, about two hopeless millennials cursed by the paradox of love, dealing with tackling technology and communication in a modern day rom-com with a twist. I chat with them both about whether these stories will be interesting to future generations, why modern dating stories are still needed, and how their projects fit into the overall narrative of female desire.  Watch Love in 2020 Watch Dating & New York

About #single (hashtag single)

#single is a feminist podcast about online dating that serves to destigmatize the state of being single by having open conversations with strong, independent women and introducing value and education with guest experts in the arena of dating and sex.   Recent Guest Experts have included sexologists, best-selling authors, renowned clinical psychologists and matchmakers from several leading national companies. More importantly, #single has created a community of like-minded successful, badass, and unapologetically single women who are seeking love but not letting it define them. Access more episodes, subscribe, and learn more.