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Everyone has a "my mom told me" story when it comes to sex and dating.  Sometimes they're funny, oftentimes they're weird, and every once in a blue moon there's that best friend who brags about how she got the cool mom who gave her the deets like the older sister we all craved.  My guest Tati was homeschooled until college, which means she lacked the requisite sex ed we had to suffer in school and also missed out on all the secret information that was whispered in the girls locker room.  Not to mention - her mother told her she was a virgin until marriage... which turns out (spoiler!) was not true. Our VOP Jeff on the other hand was brought up by a mother who taught him about condoms before he hit puberty.   So how exactly did our moms input influence our expectations and information around dating?  And what about our mom's mom, what kind of info did she get (if any?). Join us as we talk about the legacies that trickled down maternally, as well as dating powerful men, and why men don't respond to women who message first.

About #single (hashtag single)

#single is a feminist podcast about online dating that serves to destigmatize the state of being single by having open conversations with strong, independent women and introducing value and education with guest experts in the arena of dating and sex.   Recent Guest Experts have included sexologists, best-selling authors, renowned clinical psychologists and matchmakers from several leading national companies. More importantly, #single has created a community of like-minded successful, badass, and unapologetically single women who are seeking love but not letting it define them. Access more episodes, subscribe, and learn more.