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152: Resetting Healthcare with Sanjay Prasad, MD FACS

Meet our guest in this episode, Dr. Sanjay Prasad, a Surgeon and the CEO SurgiQuality/SurgiConnect. His goal is to help patients connect with the best surgeons for their condition, within their network. Realizing that surgical quality varies from place to place without any tools for patients to navigate, inspired the creation of his company. In this episode, Dr. Sanjay discusses the inability of patients to assess the quality of surgical care they can expect, and how his business tackles the different aspects of this problem. Top Takeaways [05:57] Some points of failure in your life give you such momentum that you never want to fail again. This perseverance through failure is greatly amplified by a passion for what you do.  [09:21] Patients need quality transparency, in other words, the quality metrics for each procedure for every surgeon in a hospital.  [12:30] Creating a platform where surgical cases can be reviewed by other surgeons has had a tremendous impact in lowering the rate of unnecessary surgeries, which also lowers premiums paid for malpractice.  [16:04] Best 'Aha' moment: This was the realization of the wide price difference between different surgical centers while there was a coexisting lack of any means to navigate through the differences in quality between these centers, and how this confirmed an opportunity for business while helping patients. [19:13] Ongoing changes in the healthcare industry: Following the pandemic, a lot of cases were put on hold and patients started to pay more attention to the health risk of going to a surgical facility. This is a great time to reset healthcare. Dr. Sanjay's book "Resetting Healthcare Post Covid-19 Pandemic" is written for the patients based on this.  [22:15] Surgery centers and other institutions will have to consider other parameters before giving privileges to surgeons, particularly their past outcomes.  [24:18] It is vital to keep up with the latest technologies and information in surgical practice.  [25:16] Best career advice: "Follow your passion"  [26:28] Statistically, Black patients tend to have a poorer surgical outcome than white patients.  [29:26] It helps to always note ideas down whenever you get them, so you don't forget.  [30:34] Website recommendation: Pubmed, American Journal of Medicine [31:42] Countermeasures and awareness need to be created to address the issue of racial disparity with various procedures, hopefully, to cause behavior modification.  [32:50] Book recommendation: “Resetting Healthcare Post Covid-19 Pandemic" by Dr. Sanjay Prasad. Find out more about the book on the Resetting Healthcare website.   [35:16] Dr. Sanjay's message to himself 10 years in the past would be to identify ways to engage the masses to change the system for the better. To himself in the future, he would ask, "what did you leave behind?" Key Quotes: "Know before you go" "I think you're so lucky if you can find what it is that you love to do, and passion to do, and have an opportunity to do it" "Depending on specialty, 15-30% of procedures that are being performed today are unnecessary" "You've got to seek happiness, and to seek happiness you have to follow your passion" Connect:  Find | Dr. Sanjay Prasad LinkedIn – Dr. Sanjay Prasad Email - Website – --- Send in a voice message:

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