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Health's Kitchen


The podcast that talks all things health, safety, and performance when it comes to the food service industry.


Episode 24: "In Conversation with Not 9 to 5"

With last week’s episode about a chef finding success with managing his mental health I am very excited for this week’s episode. This week, I chat with Not 9 to 5 which is a non-profit organization empowering hospitality, food and beverage service wRead more


Episode 23: "Building a Toolkit of Resilience"

This podcast has been a journey of hearing stories. But I would be lying if every story has a positive outcome to it. It is no surprise that working in restaurants leaves a trail of burnt out and exhausted employees that can have health complicationsRead more


Episode 22: "Musings while waiting at home."

As I sit at home, I took an opportunity to get out some of the thoughts I have had in the last few weeks. I reference a New York Times article that was the inspiration for this episode. You can check it out here: more


Episode 21: "Leadership for the Restaurant"

These days, COVID-19 has many people looking to leadership for guidance and answers. I think in times of emergency and crisis, the small gripes we may have with leadership don’t seem to matter quite as much. We are willing to work together in these tRead more


Episode 20: Are you ready for a change?

Anyone else going through a bit of an existential crisis by staying inside? The wake of COVID-19 has caused many people to pause for the first time in a long time. This can sometimes come with the revelations that we may want to change some major thRead more

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