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Statistics 101 for the Healthcare Consumer

A basic understanding of statistics is essential for being a savvy medical consumer. But for many, thinking about statistics brings back painful high school memories. In today's episode, primary care physician Dr. Steven Hochman -- my brother -- helps distill it in a manageable and engaging way. And you shouldn't need to dust off your old high school textbooks to understand it!

About Healthy Skeptic, MD

The purpose of the Healthy Skeptic MD podcast is to take a deeper dive into health issues through interviews with experts and patients. Hosted by Dr. Michael Hochman, a primary care doctor, a key theme of Healthy Skeptic MD is that although modern medicine has much to offer there's also plenty of room for improvement. We will delve into those issues with other medical professionals from all spectrums of practice. We hope you'll learn along with us! Access more episodes, subscribe, and learn more.