Your Business Your Way

Your Business Your Way

By Sheedia Jansen

A podcast for those who want to create a life of freedom through their business


Ep 17. Using Neuroplasticity to Easily Grow Your Business

In this episode we dive deep into how our brains work and how to use them to our advantage. Neuroplasticity is a beautiful thing that can either work for you or work against you. Website: Facebook group: more


Ep 16. Increasing Your Visibility

Increasing your visibility is important when it comes to growing your business. The more people hear about what you do, the more likely it is that you will get more sales. How to Become More Visible is a question I get asked all the time. So in this Read more


Ep 15. Branding that Sells Itself

Having a branding that sells itself really makes things easier in business. To have that one must first understand what branding really is. From there, use the tools you have available to you to build a killer brand. All of that is explained in this Read more


Ep 14. Unleashing the Power Within

Owning your true power, automatically brings success your way. How do you know if there's more power for you to unleash within? And how do you unleash it? That's what this podcast episode is all about!


Ep 13. Why the World Needs You to be Rich

Just having a small business with a few clients doesn't really work! In this episode Sheedia breaks down why things fail that way. It also covers why you can best serve the world as a rich person. Questions, comments or "aha" moments? Drop them in tRead more

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