The House of DelVento

The House of DelVento

By John DelVento

Hosted by composer John DelVento, The House of DelVento platforms long-form conversations and livestreams on a variety of topics with guests from around the world. Open, honest, free speech. Come on in!


#6 - Caralisa Monteiro

A vocalist with a heart of gold, Caralisa Monteiro has been in the music circuit for over a decade. Often referred to as "The Jingle Queen", Caralisa has lent her voice to over 7,000 ad jingles for several well-known brands.  She also actively raisesRead more


#5 - Jada Bernard

We talk with Jada Bernard about RSS-affiliates and the "Sangh" in the US, Hindu Supremacy vs White Supremacy, and some 2020 election issues.  Jada is highly vocal about these issues and has participated in several anti-fascism protests, videos, interRead more


#4 - Sanjukta Basu

Sanjukta Basu is an Indian writer, photographer, lawyer, and feminist scholar. She is currently a Columnist for print and online media and writes on women, politics, minority rights, and social issues.  She is pursuing her PhD in Gender and Women's SRead more


#3 - Dr. Audrey Truschke

Dr. Audrey Truschke's teaching and research interests focus on the cultural, imperial, and intellectual history of early modern and modern India (c. 1500-present).  Her second book, "Aurangzeb: The Life and Legacy of India's Most Controversial King",Read more


#2 - Michael Botzaropoulos

Michael Botzaropoulos is a music composer from Wales, UK whose credits include American Pickers, Grey's Anatomy, Dancing With The Stars, and more!  He works closely with John on a regular basis.  We talk music projects, careers, work-life balance, teRead more

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