How To Vegan

How To Vegan

By Kristen Pound

Kristen Pound is here to talk all things vegan! From the ethical and environmental implications of going vegan, to the amazing health benefits of a plant based diet, How To Vegan is gonna cover it all. So hit that subscribe button and let's get started! For more info on Kristen, visit her website at ♡ Instagram: @howtoveganpodcast & @kristen.pound


'May Contain Milk/Eggs' | Ep. 40

Does 'may contain milk/eggs' on an ingredient list mean that the product is vegan or not vegan? It's confusing AF, and understandably! In this episode I clear all of that up for you. ♡    ☆ Get 25% off at Holier: more


Zero Waste Vegan Tips | Ep. 39

In this episode, I give you lots of helpful tips on how to start living a more eco-conscious lifestyle by focusing on producing less waste and eating more plants - aka becoming a more zero waste vegan. ♡    ☆ GET $10 OFF at OSEA: http://oseamalibu.coRead more


10 Mistakes New Vegans Make | Ep. 38

In today's episode I reveal the most common mistakes that new vegans make. There are SO many benefits that living a vegan lifestyle can bring you, but in order to reap those benefits you'll definitely want to know what to avoid when going vegan, and Read more


A Beginner's Guide To Going Vegan | Ep. 37

Today's episode is all about tips for transitioning to veganism. In other words, it's a beginner's guide to going (and staying!) vegan. If you're a brand new vegan and struggling with the transition, or you're an aspiring vegan wanting to make the swRead more


My Top 10 Vegan Documentaries | Ep. 36

In this episode, I chat all about my top 10 vegan documentaries. From those that cover the ethical side of things (aka animal rights issues and the environmental impact of a non-vegan lifestyle on the planet) to the health benefits of a plant-based dRead more

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