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From Quiet Quitting to Rage Applying, HR Phrases Go Viral

Welcome to The Human Truth Podcast where, each episode, we take a closer look at a popular workforce statistic ripped from the headlines and ask: Where’d it come from? Is it true? And why should we care?  In this episode, we examine this stat from Similarweb Keyword Search: The search for "quiet quitting" increased 3,334% in August 2022 compared to the previous month.  From “great rehire” to “great regret,” or “quiet quitting” to “rage applying,”  2022 was the year of HR buzzwords with a new viral phrase popping up in the news cycle every few weeks.  What does this influx of terms mean for the employee-employer relationship, and how should companies react? To discuss this trend, host Ian Cook is joined by Taryn Brymn, the Head of Executive Programs for Future Forum, a consortium backed by Slack.   On the podcast this episode: Host, Ian Cook is Visier’s VP of People Analytics Guest, Taryn Brymn, Head of Executive Programs for Future Forum.  At Future Forum, Taryn is responsible for setting the vision, intended outcomes, and milestones for Future Forum’s executive programs. Using Future Forum’s quarterly desk worker research, Taryn turns data into dialogue for how organizations can be more flexible, inclusive, and connected. Taryn produces engaging gatherings and peer-to-peer executive convening opportunities to inspire change and reimagine the future. Prior to Future Forum, Taryn was Director of Programs at G100 Network (part of the World 50 company), where she shaped membership programs for C-Suite executives and board directors of F1000 companies and helped them reimagine solutions to their current and future business challenges. Earlier in her career, Taryn held roles in nonprofit grant execution and management. Most recently, she worked on the revitalization of cultural institutions in New York City at the Upper Manhattan Empowerment Zone. Mentioned in the episode:  10 Ways Visier Helps With Your Most Common Business Challenges ___ Thanks for joining this episode on the Human Truth Podcast presented by Viser. More links and information presented on today's show are at Subscribe wherever you listen to your podcast. The Human Truth Podcast is brought to you by Visier, the global leader in people analytics whose mission is to reveal the human truth that helps businesses and employees win together. The Human Truth Podcast is produced by Grace Sheppard, with technical production by Gabriel Kava. Sarah Gonzales is our head of content and senior producer, and Ian Cook is our host. See you next time and until then, visit us at

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The Human Truth Podcast is brought to you by Visier. Each episode we unpack a hot workforce statistic to find the truth in it that matters to real people like you. We ask: Where’d it come from? Is it true? And why should we care? For more information visit Access more episodes, subscribe, and learn more.