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S02EP01: How Generative AI Will and Won't Change the Future of Work

It’s the Human Truth Podcast where each episode we take a deeper look at a popular workforce statistic ripped from the headlines and ask: What is it about? Is it accurate? And, why should we care? The age of AI transformation is upon us as you’ve no doubt heard. Opinions and forecasts for what it means for the future of work run the gamut from promises of accelerated productivity and unprecedented innovations to predictions of AI taking jobs and wiping out humanity as we know it.  The World Economic Forum predicted that by 2025, 85 million jobs will be displaced by automation and technology, but that AI will also create 97 million new roles.  To discuss this finding and try to make sense of so many big claims and outsize predictions host, Ian Cook is joined by special guest, Dr. Anna Tavis, Clinical Professor of Human Capital Management at New York University, and a well-known thought leader on what to expect from the future of work.  ___ Thanks for joining this episode on the Human Truth Podcast presented by Viser. More links and information presented on today's show are at Subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts. The Human Truth Podcast is brought to you by Visier, the global leader in people analytics whose mission is to reveal the human truth that helps businesses and employees win together. The Human Truth Podcast is produced by our Director of Content, Sarah Gonzales, with technical production by Gabriel Kava, and Ian Cook is our host. See you next time and until then, visit us at

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The Human Truth Podcast is brought to you by Visier. Each episode we unpack a hot workforce statistic to find the truth in it that matters to real people like you. We ask: Where’d it come from? Is it true? And why should we care? For more information visit Access more episodes, subscribe, and learn more.