Kick-Back Hypercast

Kick-Back Hypercast

By Xavier Evans

The Hypercast is a slice of life storytelling podcast recorded by a group of young adults. Here, you'll enjoy gaming news, engaging stories from our guest and an overarching story of a podcast project that originally started with two boys and an idea.


Hypercast | The Game Awards 2019 (Predictions, Nominees, and more)

A group of goofy guys has a firm discussion on the game awards.  Apparently Dante was de-confirmed at the time of uploading :P


What If We Were Stranded on an Island?

We asked ourselves what we would do if we were stranded on an island. Well, here goes nothing! We do tell that story right here on the podcast. Let's Kickback...on an uncharted island. Twitter: Kick back hypercast or @kick_back_boys1 Facebook: @kickbRead more


What if we were Pokemon Trainers?

You just finished breakfast and mom's waving you good luck. You're running to the professor's lab to choose your Pokemon partner for life.  What would you aspire to be? Would you travel? Kick Back this week with us and daydream about Becoming our ideRead more


Games We Grew Up With

The September Hiatus is over, Summer of 2019 is now in our memories, and KBH is now celebrating its 1 year anniversary.  In this fun episode, we talk about our childhood defining games! --- Support this podcast: more


TOP 3: Video Games

We hope you have as much fun listening as we did recording! Our all time favorite video games from the hosts you all know and love. Please kick-back and enjoy the ride as we explore the worlds in which the characters we hold dear have their stories TRead more

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