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214 — Une soirée à la Comédie Française— mercredi 29 mai 2024

A few days ago, my friend Caroline asked me to go with her to see a play at the Comédie Française: Les Démons, adapted from a novel by Dostoyevsky. The Comédie Française is our national theatre. It's a very prestigious place. Being part of the Comédie Française company is a great honour for actors. I accepted straight away, because I'd never been there before. Caroline had got the tickets from neighbours who couldn't make it to the show. I'm going to tell you about that evening at the theatre.  In the notes that come with the transcript, we'll look at three expressions that are typical of everyday French and I'll show you how to use them with examples.  You'll also have a sentence to repeat. A single sentence that I've chosen for you and I'll explain why I chose this particular sentence. Getting into the habit of repeating sentences is an excellent way of improving your pronunciation, but also of naturally constructing sentences in spoken French.  So, to benefit from all the positive effects of having the exact text of the transcript and and to enjoy the notes, I invite you to subscribe to the Cultivate Your French transcript at The subscription costs 4 euros a month and each new subscriber receives the 10 latest episodes.

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