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JRoc LMTMS Interview | iLLANOiZE Radio

Chicago multi-talent J Roc details becoming a celebrity barber, and shares with us viewpoints for his episode series Let Me Tell My Story.


Lyrical Interview | iLLANOiZE RADiO

In this episode, we got a visit from Arthur, Writer, Business Manager, and Entertainment Manager Lyrical. It's always a pleasure when Lyrical comes and visits us. During the interview, she spoke about being a supportive mother to her children while wRead more


Rufus Sims Interview | iLLANOiZE RADiO

In this episode we sat down with Rufus formerly known as Weasel Sims. During this episode Rufus spoke on the reason for his name change. He also shared some information about his recent project "Who Sent You" ----Connect With Us On Social Media ----Read more


Justin Cunningham Interview | iLLANOiZE Radio

Justin Cunningham Social Works Executive Director stopped by illanoize radio to give insight on how Essence Smith, Chance The Rapper, and himself came together to operate and form SocialWorks non-profit organization, its community initiatives, and thRead more


Chi Hoover interview | iLLANOiZE Radio

We spoke with Chicago's own Chi Hoover who's currently incarcerated with pending charges. During our exclusive conversation over the phone. Chi Hoover spoke on changing his name back from sensei woods, How he's been occupying his time, as well as catRead more

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