I'm Busy Being Awesome

I'm Busy Being Awesome

By Paula Engebretson

How do I increase my productivity and decrease distractions? Is it possible to reclaim my time? How can I get more organized? And can I do it all with ADHD? ⁣ ⁣ Welcome to the I’m Busy Being Awesome Podcast, where we dive into each of these questions and so much more. Every week, life coach and ADHDer Paula Engebretson brings you her best strategies to boost your productivity, manage your time, get organized, and follow through on your goals.⁣ ⁣ Whether you're a fellow ADHDer, you identify with ADHD tendencies, or you simply want to take your productivity to the next level, this podcast is for you. Are you busy being awesome?


Episode 183: What To Do When You've Overcommitted Your Schedule

In This Episode, You Will Discover How to recognize when you’ve overcommitted yourself How to prioritize your time and energy Three ways to make it to the other side while feeling proud of yourself in the process Learn more about We’re Busy BRead more


Episode 182: How To Slow Down With ADHD - Strategies for Impulsivity

In This Episode, You Will Discover What it means to pause. Why pausing feels especially challenging for the ADHD brain. Why we want to strengthen this skill set. The areas in our life where practicing the pause can lead to big returns. LearnRead more


Episode 181: Task Initiation, Boredom, and ADHD

In This Episode, You Will Discover Key Strategies To Navigate procrastination Work through boredom Design a flexible schedule that works best for your brain Links From The Podcast Learn more about We’re Busy Being Awesome here Get the topRead more


Episode 180: How To Be The Hero Of Your Story - Self Concept And ADHD

In This Episode, You Will Discover What it means to be the hero of your story. How to identify the role you’re currently playing. How to shift out of a story of villain or victim if it’s not serving you, and step into the role of hero with confiRead more


Episode 179: New Year Reflection & Expansion

In This Episode, You Will Discover the power of reflection for an ADHD brain Your accomplishments from the past 12 months Learn from the obstacles you overcame Plan an incredible year of growth ahead Get the Year End Reflection WoRead more

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