I Read Comic Books

I Read Comic Books

By Mike Rapin

A absolute best podcast about reading comic books. New episodes every Wednesday.


Episode 335 | How Did This Woman Warm My Cold Dead Heart?

This episode was recorded on June 26th, 2022! Mike, Paul, and Kate discuss some of their favorite comics from 2021, the theme of this month's Goodreads Book of the Month. Check out the rest of the comics folks picked on the IRCB Goodreads Group!  AboRead more


Episode 334 | Comics and Math Are The Same Thing (ft. Aubrey Lyn Jeppson & C.K. Lawson)

This episode was recorded on June 19th, 2022! Mike, Kara, and René are joined by Aubrey Lyn Jeppson (@TamingTheMuse) and C.K. Lawson (@chrisdoescomics), editors of the Kickstarter anthology "Scott Snyder Presents Tales From the Cloakroom" (@CloakRoomRead more


Episode 333 | Nine Out Of Ten Listeners Won't Believe How This Podcast Ends!!!

This episode was recorded on June 12, 2022! Mike, Nick, and Paul send off the final(?) episode of IRCB with a discussion about comic book endings. SPOILERS AHEAD. Make sure to check out A Better Batmobile on our Patreon! New episodes every other SatuRead more


Episode 332 | Anybody Can Explode Once

This episode was recorded on June 5th, 2022! Mike, Brian, and Kate dig in on the chaos-magic-wielding, reality warping, witchcraft-saving character known as Scarlet Witch. Timestamps 00:00:00 - Start/Last Week in Comics 00:17:53 - Top of the Pile 00Read more


Minisode 54 | Comics We Received Complementarily

This episode was recorded some time in the recent past! Mike and Kait dig through our backlog of comics comp'd to us from publishers and creators to discuss.  Comics Discussed Love and War #1 Cold Iron #1 The O.Z. #1-2 Chronophage Phantom of the OpeRead more

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