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#139: SWCS 2030 – Special Warfare Training For The Peer-To-Peer Fight – BG Will Beaurpere & CSM Lee Strong

One hundred men will test today. But only three win the Green Beret. Developing America’s Green Berets takes a vision for the future, knowledge of the past, and an understanding of the present.  The John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School is the home of both training Green Berets and developing the policy and doctrine our Special Forces operate by. To share the mission of SWCS, Fran Racioppi sat down with Commanding General Brigadier General Will Beaurpere and Command Sergeant Major Lee Strong from the JFK Special Warfare Museum at Fort Liberty, NC.  BG Beaurpere and CSM Strong explained how SWCS 2030 will develop a more prepared Special Forces Regiment through the establishment of three Branch Schools for Green Berets, Civil Affairs and Psyops, each under their own O-6 level command.  They also break down irregular warfare, why it’s important, and how it’s complemented by psychological operations; another school being developed through SWCS 2030.  Finally they talk recruiting as the GWOT generation of soldiers is retiring and SOF was directed to cut personnel, while enforcing the standard, continuously improving professionalism, and integrating technology and automation into the force.   Take a listen, watch, or read our conversation about the past, present and future of SWCS. Then head over to our YouTube channel to watch BG Beaurpere and CSM Strong share the importance of the Jedburghs in the Jedburgh Media Channel’s first documentary, Unknown Heroes, Behind Enemy Lines at D-Day, the story of Operation Jedburgh.    The Jedburgh Podcast and the Jedburgh Media Channel are an official program of The Green Beret Foundation. Learn more on The Jedburgh Podcast Website. Subscribe to us and follow @jedburghpodcast on all social media. Watch the full video version on YouTube.  Highlights: 0:00 Welcome to the Special Warfare Museum  2:27 The SWCS mission 8:42 SWCS 2030 12:03 Commandants, Irregular Warfare & the Psywar School 22:00 SOF’s role in Strategic Disruption 30:33 How do you maintain the Special Forces Standard? 36:08 Integrating technology but building leaders first 49:08 The 3 Keys to Daily Success Quotes:  “We watch the battlefield of the modern era and we draw that into our doctrine.” (5:02) “The cadre is where you really achieve mastery.” (8:04) “Psychological Warfare is something we’ve conducted for the preponderance of our history as a military.” 17:01 “That’s what SOF does…conduct operations and activities forward, before conflict.” (20:06) “The one place we will not assume risk, and cannot assume is risk, is in the production of world class special forces, civil affairs and psyops soldiers.” (28:37) “What is the one or two percent we can do to improve to ultimately make this better, myself better, the team better.” (34:45) “You're only as hard as your last hard thing.” (53:04) Special thanks to Roxanne Merritt and the JFK Special Warfare Museum for graciously hosting this series.

About The Jedburgh Podcast

The Jedburgh Podcast is a conversation with transformative leaders, visionaries, drivers of change, and those dedicated to winning no matter the challenge. Hosted by US Army Special Forces Green Beret Fran Racioppi, each episode in-depth discussion with trailblazers who have earned success through dedication to talent development, preparation, introspection, and the drive to get things done. Our conversation will empower listeners to define success and operate at an elite level, regardless of the task at hand. Fran speaks with leaders in business, athletics, academics, and public service about their personal leadership stories of success, failure, and the road to continuous improvement. The Jedburghs of World War II was the first Special Operations forces and lived by the mantra, how you prepare today determines success tomorrow. Today’s leaders are no different. Our discussions focus on the nine character traits of elite performance used by Special Operations Forces to recruit, assess, select and retain elite performers. Through this lens, we show listeners that success in any field must be earned every day. We strive for each listener to take valuable lessons learned and concrete action steps to improve themselves, their teams, and their organizations. Although developed and used by US Special Operations Forces, these characteristics are inherently applicable to building resilient and successful organizations in any sector or industry, as well as in the betterment of our personal and professional lives. The Nine Characteristics of Elite Performance: -Drive: Growth mindset, be better than yesterday, continuous self-improvement -Resiliency: Perseverance in the face of challenges -Adaptability: Adjust one’s behavior to the situation -Humility: Recognize that you do not have all the answers; a willing learner maintains accurate self-awareness -Integrity: Understand what is legal and correct and align actions and words to both -Effective Intelligence: apply one’s experience and knowledge to the situation -Team Ability: Prioritize organizational needs ahead of oneself, work as a cohesive unit -Curiosity: Exploring the unknown, questioning the status quo in pursuit of better -Emotional Strength: Emotional control in stressful situations brings calm to chaos Fran is the founder of FRsix. He leads small to medium-sized businesses to scale by transforming their leadership and operations through introspection, continuous improvement, and a commitment to a talent mindset. He spent 13-years in the United States Army as a Green Beret, deploying numerous times to The Middle East, Africa, and Europe. Fran was the honor graduate of the Special Forces Qualification Course and the US Army Ranger School. He has served as CEO, COO, CSO, and Director of Global Security, where he was recognized by the FBI and Department of Homeland Security for his leadership and innovation. Fran earned an MBA from the NYU Leonard N. Stern School of Business and a BA from Boston University in Journalism. Fran holds the highest civilian accreditations, including Certified Protection Professional, Certified Business Continuity Professional, and Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. Fran volunteers teaching Veterans to sail as the Race Director for Sailahead, a Veterans organization dedicated to reducing the Veteran suicide rate and is the former Treasurer of the United War Veterans Council. Talent War Group is a management consulting and executive search firm comprised of highly experienced and proven business executives and special operations leaders. We’ll drive you to attract, retain, and develop top talent. With services like Executive Search, Talent Advisory, Leadership Development, Executive Coaching, and Speaking & Keynotes, we work with you to create talent solutions to business problems. Contact us at Access more episodes, subscribe, and learn more.