Let's Talk About Skills, Baby

Let's Talk About Skills, Baby

Kelly Ryan Bailey

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9. Cognitive Abilities and Personality Traits are Part of your Skills Story

The Skill: Cognitive abilities and personality traits. Yep, these are skills!   This week, we’re diving into Season 1 Episode 9 of Let’s Talk About Skills, Baby where Kelly speaks with Denise Leaser, President of Great Biz Tools, about the skills and competencies-based platform they created to match job seekers with the jobs they were born to do. Denise explains that what they are not assessing is knowledge. Knowledge can always be learned and added in to supplement someone’s innate strengths. Rather, they are assessing innate cognitive skills, abilities, and personality traits.  Key Takeaway: Instead of trying to measure your knowledge, focus on your capabilities. This will help you find the opportunities that are truly meant for you.  Learn more at skillsbaby.com/gotskills Got Skills is produced by Growth Network Podcasts

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Welcome to Let’s Talk About Skills, Baby, where I chat with people who inspire me about the skills that make them successful, how they developed those skills, and their innovative approaches to improving skills-based hiring and learning around the world. Come learn what skills help you live your best life! Access more episodes, subscribe, and learn more.