Lessons Learned with Komal

Lessons Learned with Komal

By Komal Minhas

Lessons Learned with Komal is a place to explore life's greatest lessons. The ones we've learned, and those we are still in the process of learning. Episodes are a mix of interviews and personal reflections from Komal. Lessons Learned is a space for you to chew on life's lessons, big and small, and hear from the people we admire most in the world.


How to Take The Next Right Step in Life and Work

[1:26] - Why we need intersectional personal development spaces and curriculums [5:46] - What helped me rise through difficulty, build confidence, and the life I wanted  [10:15] - Why we need systems in place to take care of our well-being and goRead more


How to Stop Doubting Success (+ Free Workshop!): Season 2, Episode 3

Have you ever spent months doing ‘quiet work’ to prepare for a new season in life and work? Have you taken the time to implement habits, routines, systems and structures you would need to succeed as you work towards your goals ahead?  In this episodeRead more


How To Redefine Your Relationship to Work and Success with Deepica Mutyala: The Next Right Step, Part 4

[8:18] -  What does it mean to live life on your own terms? When you think of your own definition and relationship to "success", what does success look like to you? Komal and Deepica talk about how people can have different definitions of success, anRead more


How to Embrace Your Rage with Valarie Kaur: The Next Right Step, Part 3

Valarie Kaur is a civil rights attorney, Sikh activist, and author of “See No Stranger”. In this conversation, Komal talks to Valarie about the difference between forgiveness and reconciliation, the concept of love as a verb that requires labour and Read more


Our Grief Deserves Our Care: Season 2, Episode 2

Grief during a pandemic is complicated. Whether it is unpacking our grief around the loss of our friends, loved ones, or others, or the loss of parts of ourselves and our lives, our grief deserves our care and attention. In this short solo episode, Read more

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