Let's Start A Cult

Let's Start A Cult

By Josh Schell

Join me (not in a cult sense), Josh Schell, as we dive into the dark and interesting world of cults! I will take you on a journey of how cults form, who their leaders are, and how they almost always come to an end.

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Part 2: Adolf Hitler And The Nazi Party

In today’s episode of Let’s Start A Cult we continuing our discussion of Adolf Hitler and The Nazi Party and how this terrible cult nearly destroyed the world.Our Socials:Twitter: https://twitter.com/lets_cultFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/letsstRead more


The Dumbfound Dead Clip - Attacks On Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders

Use this link to donate: https://aapifund.org/And check out The Dumbfound, Dead Podcast here: https://www.thedumbfounddeadpod.com/


Part 1: Adolf Hitler and The Nazi Party

In today’s episode of Let’s Start A Cult we will be telling the story of a young boy from an impoverished Austrian family, who managed to crawl his way to the top of an organization that would later terrorize the entire European continent and the...


The Order of the Solar Temple

Perhaps no other cult has fascinated people more than the Order of the Solar Temple – a group that began in the late 1980s as a community of people who sought to live out New Age philosophies. For some, the organization is interesting because of the.Read more


The Church of Bible Understanding

Currently fueled by the millions of dollars that they earn through their several business ventures, many of its members continue to see it as a legitimate Christian group, rather than a cult. Today we will be talking about The Church of Bible...

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