The Maritime Risk Podcast

The Maritime Risk Podcast

By Shoreline

Join Shoreline Maritime Answers as we explore the dark side of life at sea, from cyber attacks and drug smuggling to geopolitical risk and migration. On each episode we’ll deep dive into the issues facing shipowners and crew at sea, with specialists in cyber, risk and humanitarian issues.


Episode 17 - How commercial satellite data can provide actionable intelligence in the maritime domain

The depth of analytical insight and provision of ‘actionable intelligence' in the maritime domain has evolved considerably over the last few years. This has been made possible by the availability and accessibility of data sources and the involvement Read more


Episode 16 - The Seafarer’s Happiness Index - What can it tell us?

Every Quarter, the Mission to Seafarers asks crew serving on vessels around the globe how they feel about their lives at sea. Covering their experiences onboard and the things that matter to them, from connectivity to wages. workload to welfare, traiRead more


Episode 15 - Why you need a threat led approach to maritime cyber risk

Introduction: In this episode, we focus on the intersection of geopolitical, socioeconomic, and cyber risk.  We ask leading risk experts, how the intersectionality of these three macro risk factors impacts the safe operation of ships at sea today? WeRead more


Episode 14 - Why are MARPOL prosecutions in the US as prevalent today as they were 20 years ago?

Recently, Shoreline CEO Captain Thomas Brown has noted a spate of MARPOL violation cases in the US and pondered whether much has changed in the intervening 25 years since he was last at sea? In this podcast we will attempt to answer this question witRead more


Episode 13 - What does a realistic cyber disaster scenario look like for the maritime industry?

In the first year that the Bank of England has agreed to include a maritime realistic disaster scenario into its general insurance stress test, the University of Plymouth’s Maritime Cyber Threats Research Group was asked to propose an appropriate marRead more

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