The Maritime Risk Podcast

The Maritime Risk Podcast

By Shoreline

Join Shoreline Maritime Answers as we explore the dark side of life at sea, from cyber attacks and drug smuggling to geopolitical risk and migration. On each episode we’ll deep dive into the issues facing shipowners and crew at sea, with specialists in cyber, risk and humanitarian issues.


Episode 29 - : Managing ESG Compliance to your company’s advantage: A Crucial Guide for Shipping Executives

Welcome to the latest episode of Shoreline’s Maritime Risk Podcast, where we dive deep into the crucial issues facing the shipping industry today. In this episode, we tackle the pressing topic of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) complianceRead more


Episode 28 - Shoreline's MDCI Client Protection Scheme – What does it mean for ship owners and operators?

In this episode of Shoreline’s Maritime Risk Podcast, we delve into Shoreline’s newly launched MDCI Client Protection Scheme. In this episode, Shoreline’s P&I Consultant Simon Swallow puts the questions to Shoreline’s CEO Captain Thomas Brown. TogethRead more


Episode 27 - Reflections on a life will spent in P&I with Simon Swallow

Join us for our latest episode of the Shoreline Maritime Risk Podcast as we sit down with Simon Swallow, our newest consultant and seasoned P&I insurance veteran. With over three decades of experience, Simon delves into the transformative journey of Read more


Episode 26 - The Rising Threat of Drone Attacks at Sea

In this urgent episode, we confront the alarming rise of drone attacks in crucial shipping lanes. Experts from Reperion join us to dissect the challenges faced by seafarers in the Red Sea and beyond. Discover innovative strategies to shield ships froRead more


Episode 25 - With Professor Stephen McCombie about his Maritime Cyber-Attack Database (MCAD), Honey Traps and Fake Ships

🎙️ Dive into the intriguing world of maritime cyber security with our latest Maritime Risk Podcast episode! Join us as we welcome Professor Stephen McCombie, an esteemed expert with a rich tapestry of experience spanning policing, academia, and the Read more

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