Marketing Chaos

Marketing Chaos

By Lauren Marie

Welcome to The MARKETING CHAOS PODCAST (online business insights for healers and coaches who defy tradition)! I'm your host, Lauren Marie, former acupuncturist & wellness center owner who up and moved from Washington, DC to the Sunshine Coast of Australia, to become an entrepreneur and mom of twins. I now work with other practitioners to help them create location, time and financial freedom by growing their businesses and create recurring revenue online. Here, we don't eliminate chaos, we embrace it. You won't find any answers, you won't learn the "right way" to do anything, but if you want to learn how to ask great questions, gain more awareness, and turn your knowledge and hands-on experience into a profitable online business by BEING YOU, then grab those earbuds, turn the volume up and let's dive in!


Should I start a membership site?

Should you start a membership site? This is one of my very favorite topics because I love all things memberships, recurring revenue, community building and growth. By the end of this episode you will have a better sense of if you would actually likRead more


Predictability isn't what you actually want

If you could predict your entire day, how bored would you be? Yes, there is a level of order that is required. We know the sun comes up every day, and we know the sun goes down every day. But then there is chaos in all the moments in between. There'Read more


Do demographics matter? Defining your Ideal Customer Avatar

This idea of demographics and whether or not they matter comes up a lot in my courses. People will do one of two things: they either go "oh, I work with everyone" or they get really specific but in an arbitrary way. Both sides of that coin are not hRead more


What to do when it feels like nothing is working

If you have spent a lot of your time, energy, blood, sweat, tears, and money into a project and gotten no results - you are not alone. Those moments where you feel like nothing is working comes with the territory of being an entrepreneur.  After youRead more


Why all 2022 predictions will fail

It's the first week of 2022 and my email inbox has been completely flooded with marketing predictions for the year. I just had to have a chuckle at how ridiculous it all is. If anything, I think that these last two years should have taught us that thRead more

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