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MarketPlay is an entertaining marketing quiz show where we discuss and laugh about the week's most notable marketing and business news. Brought to you by Two Trees PPC from Sacramento, CA.

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Episode 26: Katya Allison

Sacramento marketing legend Katya Allison of Grin joined us for this week's installment of everyone's favorite entrepreneur motivational podcast, MarketPlay. Meryl shouts out Eso Won Bookstore in LA this week for highlighting Black authors for the paRead more


Episode 25: Sarah Serbic

This week we spoke with Sarah Serbic (IG: @sarahserbs) owner and lead stylist at Geometry Salon, right in the heart of Midtown Sacramento.  One of the hardest working entrepreneurs in our region, she built a salon out of a tiny space and zero moRead more


Episode 24: Dr. Caroline Floyd

This week we were excited to be joined by Dr. Caroline Floyd, who practices acupuncture and Chinese medicine in Sacramento, California.  She specializes in reproductive health, menstrual health, and emotional health. She has helped hundreds of fRead more


Episode 23: Clayton Rodrigues

We start the week with a lovely chat with Clayton Rodrigues of Zothex Flooring in Sacramento, CA. Clayton shares how he started out in the flooring business and how the technical skills he picked up at school translated into a typically low tech induRead more


Episode 22: Christi & Kingsley of Drip Hydration

This week we have two amazing guests. Christi and Kingsley work for Drip Hydration in Sacramento and explain how they found themselves getting into the COVID-19 testing business.  Shout out this week goes to African American Expressions --- SRead more

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