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How can communists use elections?

Fiona Lali's election campaign shows that revolutionary ideas can connect with wide layers of people. In this episode, we sit down with Daniel Morley to discuss elections, parliaments, and broader questions around communist methods and tactics. 🔗 RRead more


Why bourgeois democracy is a dictatorship of the rich

We’re told we live in a democracy, but whether we vote for Starmer or Sunak, we’re going to get pretty much the same thing. What’s democratic about that? We’re told we have rights like freedom of speech and a free press, but the government is banninRead more


Why Capitalism can't escape the crisis

15 years after the collapse of Lehman Brothers, the economy is once again taking a turn for the worse. The past decade and a half has seen capitalism go from disaster to disaster. Instability and chaos are the new normal. Whether it’s environmental Read more


The German Revolution Of 1918

The events of the German revolution are some of the most tragic in the history of the world workers movement. One year after the Russian revolution, the German workers rose up, overthrew the Kaiser, and set up Soviets all over the country. But unlikRead more


What Is Stalinism?

The events of the Russian revolution were the greatest in all human history. For the first time, the exploited masses fought back and won. The revolution birthed the most progressive state the world had ever seen, with the Communist International — lRead more

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