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When the communists ruled in Bavaria [from In Defence of Marxism 34]

In this narrated article - published in issue 34 of In Defence of Marxism, the quarterly theoretical journal of the International Marxist Tendency - Florian Keller explains how the events surrounding the Bavarian Soviet Republic represent one of the Read more


Alan Woods on the History of Philosophy

Watch Alan Woods' introduction to 'History of Philosophy: a Marxist Perspective' - an important new work published by Wellred Books. The text outlines how the best philosophical ideas of the past have laid the basis for the development of dialecticalRead more


Why are they really banning us? | Socialist Appeal Labour Conference 2021 fringe meeting

In July of this year, Socialist Appeal was proscribed by the Labour Party NEC. This move is part and parcel of Starmer and the Labour right’s war against the left wing of the party which has been waged ever since he became leader. This decision to eRead more


Morality and class society | The ABCs of Marxist philosophy (Part 9)

Is there such a thing as good and evil? Who decides, and why? Why is there so much suffering and cruelty in our society, and how can we end this? Daniel Morley will discuss all of these questions in the final episode of the series. Want to learn morRead more


Dialectical logic: necessity and chance | The ABCs of Marxist philosophy (Part 8)

What is causation? Is the universe determined and predictable? And where does that leave humanity, with its notions of free will and moral responsibility? And how does this affect our role as revolutionaries? Want to learn more about philosophy? PreRead more

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