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The Levellers and the English Revolution

In this podcast, Joe Russell explains the history of the Levellers and the Diggers, and discusses what we can learn from these heroic revolutionary movements to help us in the struggle for socialism today.Over 350 years ago, the masses in England turRead more


What can I do? The role of the individual In history

In this podcast, Ben Curry explains the Marxist understanding of the role played by individuals in history – and the role that we must play today. History is commonly taught as little more than the deeds of great men, who alone possess the ability tRead more


Degrowth and neo-Malthusianism - a socialist response

In this podcast, Olivia Ruadh explains why it is the capitalist system that is to blame for climate change – and why we need to fight for a clear socialist solution. With the huge youth strikes for climate internationally in recent years, the enviroRead more


Ireland's fight for independence

In this podcast, Shaun Morris of the Revolution editorial board, will examine the lessons and legacy of the Irish independence struggle – an understanding of which is essential for revolutionary Marxists fighting for a socialist united Ireland today.Read more


The Paris Commune at 150

In this podcast, Jules Legendre from Révolution - the French section of the International Marxist Tendency - explains what the Paris Commune was, and the lessons that revolutionaries must draw from it today. For two months between March and May 1871Read more

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