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Cryptocurrency, NFTs, and speculative bubbles: The casino of capitalism

Unable to find profit in productive investment, capitalists are seeking easy money in speculative orgies of fictitious capital. In this podcast, Nelson Wan discusses this ludicrous casino of capitalism. ✊ Join the fight for revolution with the InterRead more


War and revolution: a world on the brink

Across the world, industrial struggle, political instability, and growing radicalism are gathering momentum. In this podcast, Alan Woods analyses the world situation, and outlines a Marxist perspective for revolutionary struggle. ✊ Join the fight foRead more


Mass Movement In Iran: What way forward?

The Iranian masses are in the midst of a monumental struggle against the regime, sparked by the murder of Mahsa Amini by state forces. In this episode of Marxist Voice, Esaias Yavari will discuss what route the movement must take in order to succeed.Read more


The migrant crisis and the struggle for open borders

By drumming up xenophobia and nationalism, the ruling class uses the migrant crisis to blame anyone but themselves for falling living standards at home. In this talk from the recent Revolution Festival, Manon Powrie discusses the real causes of the rRead more


Preparing for power: Perspectives for the British revolution

As the attacks of the ruling class intensify, tens of thousands of workers in Britain are moving into action. But what is the way forward? In this talk given at the recent Revolution Festival, Rob Sewell discusses the Marxist perspectives for the BriRead more

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