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The Iranian Revolution of 1979

The Iranian Revolution was one of the most inspiring revolutionary episodes of the post-war period. Without any pre-adopted plan, programme, or leadership, the Iranian masses swept away the Shah, and began to take charge of society for themselves thRead more


Towards the RCP #7: Building the Party on campus

With only two weeks to go until the founding congress of the Revolutionary Communist Party, and with students heading back to campuses for a final term of university, we sit down with Fiona Lali and Lubna Badi – members of the RCP's campaigns departmRead more


Scottish nationalism in crisis

The powerful rise of the Scottish independence movement once struck fear into the British ruling class, threatening to break the United Kingdom and raise the rebellious spirit of the working class. Nearly ten years since the referendum that unleashRead more


Towards the RCP #6: What is the international?

With less than three weeks to go until the founding of the Revolutionary Communist Party, we sit down with Jorge Martín, a leading member of the soon-to-be Revolutionary Communist International which is also being founded this summer. In this episodRead more


[Spectre of Communism] Why we need a Communist International

In June, the International Marxist Tendency will take the monumental step of founding a new Revolutionary Communist International (RCI), to provide communist workers and youth around the world with a bold rallying point in the struggle to overthrow cRead more

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