Igniting Change, Finding Your Fire Podcast hosted by Meena Puri

Igniting Change, Finding Your Fire Podcast hosted by Meena Puri

By Ayurvedic Healing Center / Meena Puri

In a time when so many of us are plagued with anger, fear, anxiety, feeling worthless and separated from love, these podcasts will teach you how to transmute these experiences into love and wholeness. It is by expanding the love within ourselves that we can become a beacon of love for those around us and for the planet. This is the highest Yoga and a new way of Love which is all inclusive. For more info on my work, check out my website www.ayurvedichealingcenter.com.


54. Ayurveda and Chronic Illness

If we look around our circles and tune in, we may find a lot of complaints about physical and mental ailments that are near and dear ones are having.  From body ache, to low grade anxiety, from relationship complaints to worry ...It may feel like thiRead more


53. Anatomy of Energy

What to do when we feel scattered, overwhelmed and out of sorts. I share some of the things I do. Body is the best medicine for the mind; but looking for something always outside of us, we seldom pay attention to where out thoughts/emotions land in tRead more


52. What Inspires You?

Lacking inspiration to do what we know to do feels like a dark hole that sucks us in.  We know better.  We should do better.  But we don't. We are all unique in what inspires us. We all have certain tendencies. How do we tap into our own uniqueness, Read more


51. Ayurveda - The Need of Our Times

It's no mystery that we are going through the most unstable and tumultuous times as we birth the new earth.  In the meantime, most all are experiencing confusion, chaos, overwhelm and are confronted with the myriad of health issues.   We need directiRead more


50. From Emotional Addiction to Emotional Resilience

Our recent FREE Masterclass Webinar Series on “The Intelligence of Emotions” were hugely successful and well attended.  The wisdom shared is much needed for our time.  It’s for this reason that we have decided to share them with our podcast communityRead more

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