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EM - Aug 30 2020 - Rulebooks

Welcome back. Or maybe just welcome. On this episode, Steve and Mitch talk about rulebooks. Really they just scratch the surface because that is a really huge topic. Too big to ramble about the whole of it in an hour. On a side note, the Kathryn that Steve and I mention on the show is @ kathrynedowell on Instagram. Besides being an avid gamer and an up and coming designer she is also an all-around positive force in the hobby and out. She is a regular contributor to https://dayton.momcollective.com where she often writes articles that highlight inclusion and understanding. She writes about small gestures that while often overlooked can really add up to a better world. [Mitch: I went on about a problem with Oracle of Delphi but it was really not accurate at all. Terrible. Reading comprehension is not a problem of the rulebook. I went back and it really is spelled out quite well as it should be. The problem was really me just skimming the rules to get things set up quickly. As far as examples go it was not just a bad example but not an actual example of what I was talking about. Yikes. Maybe the most embarrassing error I have had to admit to yet.]

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