The Millionaire Girls Club

The Millionaire Girls Club

By Jill Stanton

Millionaire Girls Club is a place where powerful women come to connect, expand, and learn from women who match their future. Each week Jill Stanton shares a new insight, story, perspective, or guest to help elevate your mindset, ideas, wealth, network, and most of all, your connection to your inner power. Both engaging and entertaining, the Millionaire Girls Club Podcast connects you to women entrepreneurs who are playing a bigger game, breaking the mold, doing things their way, creating “unrealistic” success, and living a life that truly means something to them. If you’re craving a community of women who inspire you, hype you up, make you laugh til your cheeks hurt, and challenge you to see things in a more expanded way, you’re gonna want to hit that “subscribe” button so you never miss another episode.


Making Millions Selling Mixed Reality to Nasa As a First-Time Entrepreneur with Lori-Lee Elliott

Imagine never having a business or identifying as an entrepreneur up until 5 years ago and then having a revolutionary idea for an AR and Web3 technology that catches the attention of NASA, The Defense Department, private aviation companies. WatchingRead more


Building Wealth Through Real Estate and How To Leverage Powerful Tax Advantages with Rachel Moore

One of my absolute favorite aspects of MGC is the women it calls into my world and today’s guest, Rachel Moore, is no exception!    Only a few years ago, Rachel was a Nurse Practitioner on maternity leave when she decided to start a lifestyle blog.Read more


Reclaiming Your Cheetah Energy and Reviving Your Relationship with Dr. Jordin Wiggins

Have you ever felt like you’re crushing it at work, you’re assertive, you have no problem telling people what you want or what to do, but when it comes to your marriage or relationship, you don’t feel like you have that level of control, power, or coRead more


Rejecting the Hustle and Winning The Week with Carey Bentley

92% conversion rate Now that I have your attention, be honest with me…   Is there anything better than hearing the real BTS of someone’s business and what’s working well (like, really reeeaaallllyyy well) for them?   I don’t know abRead more


The BTS of a Record Breaking Launch and Redefining Success with Tina Tower

Is it just me,or do you also love hearing all the nitty gritty details of what goes into a record breaking launch?   I mean, so often people share the highlight reel of how it all went down, but leave out the stuff we *all* want to know.   Read more

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