Once Upon A Crescent: Muslim Kids Podcast

Once Upon A Crescent: Muslim Kids Podcast

By Mrs. Hashimi

Once Upon a Crescent is a collection of Islamic bedtime stories for children. Written and produced by a Muslim elementary school teacher, these stories aim to impart Islamic morals to kids through light-hearted storytelling. Not only are stories a great way to settle into a bedtime routine, but they also provide rich opportunities for meaningful dialogue between parent and child. Snuggle up with your little one and feel free to use this podcast as a starting point to talk about Islamic values. My goal is to facilitate some important moral conversations by introducing Islamic values with storytelling.For more information go to MrsHashimi.com


The Gentle Giraffes

Yayah & Hawaa are giraffes living in a savannah habitat. These two giraffes face an ant invasion problem. Countless ants have taken over the treetops that they eat from. Now all the leaves they eat have ants crawling all over it! The power of pausingRead more


Hedaya & Ruqayyah's Mystery Mission

Hedaya & Ruqayyah embark on a mystery mission when they discover a piece of jewelry lying on the playground. They ask around in hopes to return this necklace to its rightful owner. Their mystery mission leads the girls to a unique,  new friendship wiRead more


Qasim's Superhero T-Shirt

Based on true events and dialogue, this story reflects common conflicts between siblings. When getting ready to leave the house for the park, big brother Hasan tries to rush his 4 year old brother Qasim. Qasim is concerned about a very specific t-shiRead more


Safi the Squirrel

Safi the Squirrel has endless options awaiting for him at an ice cream stand at the park. His friends Mustafa & Samah the Squirrel create a marvelous combination of flavors for their ice cream treat, but Safi didn't get the chance to do this because Read more


Baba's Hijab Help

Aminah faces disappointment as she learns that Mama will not be available to help Aminah style her hijab for the aqeeqah party her family is hosting. Baba steps up to the challenge to assist in a task that will require all hands on deck, even big broRead more

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