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WHOLE Life Leadership with Claudia Chan

In this week's episode of Naked Talk with Jess we speak with Claudia Chan, leadership expert and social entrepreneur. She speaks about shifting to a “me for we” mindset, where individuals root their effort in a mission far bigger than personal success, and getting everyone–women and men–to work together for social change. By lifting others, we not only make the world better, but we can also discover our greatest meaning and achieve lasting fulfillment. She shares about WHOLE-Life leadership and how it's important now more than ever.  She is disrupting the definition of leadership and is passionate about sharing that EVERYONE can be a leader whether leading their home, family, in their role in the work place, or the community. I share about her leadership course and how it's affected me in both my life and business.  You can buy Claudia's How We Rise book here: This is How We Rise Book Connect with Claudia on Facebook and Instagram @ClaudiaChanWagner and for more info and the How We Rise Leadership course Use code LEADFROMHOME to save $500 while applicable

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Naked Talk with Jess starts the candid conversations many about shedding shame around our bodies and sexuality. You can connect with Jess on Instagram and Facebook @unprocessedjess Access more episodes, subscribe, and learn more.