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EFT: What is it and How to Use it

Do you struggle with self-confidence and negative thinking? Sheri Menelli, an expert on EFT and hypnosis, joins us on Naked Talk with Jess to talk about the benefits of using EFT in your life and how it can transform your mindset and negative thoughts. Sheri gives us insight on how you can start using EFT today to uplevel your confidence and stop your limiting beliefs.  Topics Discussed in this Episode:    What is EFT and how it works  Hypnosis and hypnobirthing Using EFT to cope with grief   How the mind works and how to use EFT to change your limiting beliefs about Sex Money Self-worth Self-love    Using affirmations and positive thinking to reprogram your mind Sheri’s suggestions on starting EFT   What’s next? You can connect with Sheri at Follow Naked Talk Podcast on Instagram.

About Naked Talk with JESS

Naked Talk is a movement to inspire women who've lost themselves in motherhood to ignite their sex and body confidence, lead with passion, and live a life they love without guilt. Whole health is more than eating healthy and working out to look hot naked...although that's a bonus! Naked Talk with unprocessedJESS addresses ALL areas of your life (relationships, physical fitness, work/life, spirituality) as well as food and lifestyle choices in a candid and casual setting to get to the root of your symptoms (stress, lack of sleep, low sex drive, clutter) for sustainable change. As a certified Holistic Health Coach, she empowers her clients to take control of their health through food and lifestyle so they can live a less processed life and experience sustainable change. Reaching the hearts of busy entrepreneurs and sharing natural ways to lose weight, gain energy, and increase libido is at the center of her practice. We deserve to live life with happy hormones, a healthy weight, and a sexy attitude. You can connect with Jess on Instagram and Facebook @unprocessedJESS and on her blog Access more episodes, subscribe, and learn more.