One Step Beyond

One Step Beyond

By Tony Fletcher

A podcast about positively engaging with the world outside our door.


S2E15: Why We Travel

Why do we travel? Does travel make us happier? Smarter? Braver? Or, given the current climate crisis, why should we travel? What's the difference between a tourist and a traveler? And what's a Digital Nomad and why does that term make some people criRead more


S2E14: Beer Hiking New York and Wine Running Europe

Jason Freedman and Philip Vondra are outdoorsy New Yorkers with a book just published entitled Beer Hiking New York: The Tastiest Way to Discover the Empire State. Colin Renton is an outdoorsy Scotsman with a book recently published entitled The WineRead more


S2E13: Pura Vida in Costa Rica?

Turtles! Volcanoes! Caiman! Monkeys! Museums! Fumaroles! Scuba Diving! Swimming Holes! And Sunsets!  Paula is back as co-host for the first time since the Season 1 finale as she and Tony discuss their recent travel to Costa Rica, not only from an enRead more


S2E12: Rock-A-Holic: How Climbing Saved My Life

In the late 1990s, Michael Dorame was a house music fanatic living in San Francisco, who became addicted to the drugs that kept him dancing all night long in the clubs. After OD'ing twice in three weekends, he found release, relief and redemption in Read more


S2E11: Travel for Good? with Shafik Meghji

Sign up for a free weekly article, links to Tony's other podcasts, writings, music and more at Is Travel Good For The Planet? This question is tackled by our return guest, the environmentally-focused, award-winning travelRead more

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