Talking Trash

Talking Trash

By Lucy Tesler

Talking about Waste Management, Skip Bin Hire, Recycling in Melbourne with Lucy from Need A Skip Now


The Ultimate Guide to Annual Clean Up & How to Dispose of Rubbish Effectively in Melbourne

The Talking Trash podcast, hosted by Lucy Tesler from Need A Skip Now, explores the importance of an annual clean-up of living and working spaces, including the house, garage, and garden, and how to dispose of the waste once the cleaning project iRead more


How to Dispose of Soil in Melbourne With Your Trailer in 2023

This podcast episode, produced by Need A Skip Now, focuses on the best  waste disposal options when using a trailer, and when hiring a skip bin  may be more appropriate. The episode discusses various factors that need  to be considered, such as time Read more


How To Select The Right Size Skip Bin For Your Project

With an array of various projects that you might be working on, there is no such thing as one size fits all and each project and waste types demands it's own size and type of skip bin, to ensure it is comfortable to fill, it has the correct height anRead more


How to Get The Best Quote For Your Skip Bin in Melbourne

We show you how to properly compare quotes for skip bins and understand the hidden charges behind the quotes, particularly in Melbourne, Australia.  We discuss what aspects of skip bin hire to compare, to ensure you are asking the right questions froRead more


Seven Reasons To Have a Great Relationship With Your Skip Bin Supplier

In the post pandemic business world we have found a rather interesting trend in consumer behaviour.  We have noticed that people are no longer as nice and patient as they used to be, the level of aggression and anger seem to have increased and generaRead more

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