The Dan Nestle Show

The Dan Nestle Show

By Daniel Nestle

Do you often find yourself thinking that people are fundamentally interesting? Every week, Dan Nestle, 20-year marketing pro, world traveler, and self-described dot connector, digs into decades of pent-up curiosity and his network of thousands to bring you observations and cool conversations about interesting stuff. Promising no politics, occasionally questionable language, and a lot of knowledge.


034: Ken Jacobs: Leadership, Management, and Purpose

In this episode, Dan connects with a legendary leader-turned-coach in the public relations arena, Ken Jacobs. As principal of Jacobs Consulting & Executive Coaching, Ken works with some of the top PR firms to help their leaders grow and thrive. Ken'sRead more


033: Lynn Hazan: Relationships are Everything

In this episode, Dan sits down with recruiter, marketer, and relationship builder Lynn Hazan, President of Lynn Hazan And Associates, a Chicago-based recruitment and consulting firm specializing in placing communications and marketing professionals nRead more


032: Dan Golden: Search Matters

In this week’s episode, Dan kicks off the new year by rethinking his view of one very important and oft-maligned area of digital marketing: SEO. And he’s got one of the industry’s leading experts – Dan Golden, president, co-founder, and Chief Search Read more


031: Deirdre Breakenridge: Ethics, Empathy, and Communications

This week Dan has the privilege and honor to connect with Deirdre Breakenridge, a leading advocate for women in business and one of the most influential thinkers in strategic communications, ever. Entrepreneur, professor, consultant, podcaster, bloggRead more


030: Elaine Williams: Finding Confidence

In this episode, Dan sits down with confidence coach and vocal authority expert Elaine Williams, founder of Captivate the Crowd and co-host of the Still Human podcast. A stand-up comic with a harrowing backstory, Elaine talks about how she overcame sRead more

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