Offbeat Grad

Offbeat Grad

By Samantha Tetrault

Money-making tips and tricks for recent and soon-to-be grads!


How to Work From Home with Others

FIXED UPLOAD - Working from home is hard enough already. When you have to work from home with a loved one, partner, or roommate, it's even more of a challenge. Having someone else there 24/7 (like during a pandemic) takes a lot of adjustment. These tRead more


What to Do When You Have No Work

What a time to be alive! If you find yourself with less work than usual (or no work at all), here's what to do. From staying connected to diversifying income, try these tips. We'll get through this!CONNECT WITH THE SHOWRealistic Ways to Make Money OnRead more


Freelancing and Blogging During Coronavirus

Hi, friends! I hope everyone is safe and sound amidst so much turmoil. There's a lot happening in the world of freelancing and blogging things to COVID-19, and now is the time to adapt. CONNECT WITH THE SHOWOffbeat Grad BlogSamanthabilityInstagrRead more


The Rejection Episode

How do you handle rejection? This is a huge part of being a freelancer. You'll hear "no" probably as many times as you hear yes. From having pitch rejections to client project rejections, these coping strategies keep things in perspective. CONNECT WIRead more


Scheduling and Planning Content without Overwhelm

Today I'm joined by the talented Amanda Cross of the Happy Arkansan and the Ambitious Freelancer. She's a content management guru here to help you defeat overwhelm around creating content for your website, clients, or blog. She shares her favorite toRead more

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