Optimal Health For Busy Entrepreneurs

Optimal Health For Busy Entrepreneurs

Julian Hayes II

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Secrets Of The Wealthy That Entrepreneurs Can Steal to Control Their Waistline and Optimize Their Health (Part I)

As a fascinating and high-performing entrepreneur and leader, you're well aware of the fact that everything matters. And when it comes to juggling your busy lifestyle with health, everything especially magnifies. If not given the precise nurturing and attention, your waistline, energy, and performance can become a casualty. That's why in today's episode, I'm going to introduce the first 4 secrets of the wealthy that you can use to develop (and sustain) optimal health and performance. After all, building a billion-dollar company and body are more similar than you think. I'll also be sharing lessons from Jeff Bezos, Ray Dalio, and the movie Training Day plus much more.

About Optimal Health For Busy Entrepreneurs

Become an entrepreneur who is physically, mentally, and emotionally superior to normal human beings. The Optimal Health For Busy Entrepreneurs podcast is hosted by Julian Hayes II, a human performance and health optimization advisor for fascinating entrepreneurs and leaders who want to become superhuman in life and business without the guesswork. If you want to make aging irrelevant, get a massive amount of energy, boost your productivity, operate with an unfair competitive advantage in life, and turn your brain and body into a lethal weapon, this podcast is for you. This show will also feature interviews with high-performing entrepreneurs, forward-thinking doctors, scientists, and other global health experts so you can leverage their experience and insights to becoming your most enhanced self. You can find out more about Julian and his work at https://theartoffitnessandlife.com/ Access more episodes, subscribe, and learn more.