4 Minute Meditations

4 Minute Meditations

By Joseph Organ

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How to Console

Good morning and welcome to your seventy-fourth meditation. How do you console a friend? Do you say everything’s going to be alright or that everything happens for a reason? Or do you say you can’t imagine what it must feel like, or that what they’reRead more


How to Think about Making Money

Good morning and welcome to your seventy-third meditation. The global system in which we live is a capitalist one. Countries jostle for ever-better economic standing, just as the corporations and individuals within them do. And this worldwide obsessiRead more


Whither Religion?

Good morning and welcome to your seventy-second meditation. We are, for the most part, living in a post-god world. The Washington Post cites a Gallup survey that tells us that in 1937 church membership in America was at 73% where now the number of AmRead more


What You Feel, What You Need

Good morning and welcome to your seventy-first meditation. For a relationship to be successful it is important to focus on your needs and how you feel, rather than what the other person has done wrong or what they have failed to do. Rather than sayinRead more


On a Role

Good morning and welcome to your seventieth meditation. It is impossible to live in a society without assuming certain roles. As much as we like to fetishize originality, we do not generally invent roles for ourselves. Rather they tend to be largely Read more

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