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EP30: OZ Pearlman

Get ready to be amazed! Magic is truly something that continues to capture the imaginations of humans. Today, Oz Pearlman is here to reveal that even though magic is in the mind, harnessing it can lead to something unique! Oz is a mentalist born in Israel (1982) before moving to America at 3. He was captivated by magic from a young age and started earning a profit from it at just 14 years old. He has since been featured on America's Got Talent and Jimmy Fallon. In this episode, we learn about his career journey and how he became successful in such a niche area. We dive into the importance of mastering the mind and how it can be used to take risks and succeed by overcoming failure. Jump right into the show and learn how mastering the mind can help you do the impossible! Key Highlights: [00:00 - 06:47] How Oz was bit by the magic bug and hustled to make a living with it. [06:48 - 10:50] Exploring humans’ innate intrigue with magic and the mind. [10:51 - 18:46] Put in the 10,000 hours. How to harness the mind to grow beyond the point of failure. [18:47 - 24:56] Human evolution is very telling. Survival traits passed down through humanity make it easier to read each other. [24:57 - 31:20] Mental practices that build rapport and connections with people. [31:21 - 39:01] Strong and creative minds stay ahead of the curve mentally and physically. [39:02 - 43:03] Your drive to overcome difficulties will determine your success. [43:04 - 49:32] (Oz performs a mental trick) How to set goals and exceed your expectations. Quotes: "Once I started doing well, I always wanted to give back. I've instilled that in my kids, but I think that if I had grown up where I didn't have that drive, I would've been lazier because I couldn't afford to be lazy." - Oz Pearlman "[Magic] allowed me to get a lot of opportunities that I don't think I would've gotten otherwise because of the way you build rapport with people.” - Oz Pearlman “It’s hardwired in our DNA to keep growing… Magic is amazing because it’s something that always stays ahead of what you know.” - Oz Pearlman “There are certain things you have a gift for that I would call a talent, that’s innate, and you can develop it.” - Oz Pearlman “It’s not physical; it’s mental. If someone had a gun to your kid’s head and said go run 50 miles right now to save their life, you would do it…! You can do it. You can dig deep and access those reserves.” - Oz Pearlman “A lot of the best things come out of something difficult, traumatic; they create scarcity.” - Oz Pearlman “Take on big things that you don’t know if you can do because otherwise, you’ll never push yourself on to the next level.” - Oz Pearlman Want more from Oz? Check out https://www.ozpearlman.com/  and stay amazed. Enjoying the podcast? For more content, find me all over social: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/roblocascio Twitter: https://twitter.com/RobLoCascio LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rlocascio

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Rob LoCascio invented webchat for companies. He founded a billion dollar company and has been on the entrepreneurial journey for 25 years. Along the way, Rob had to take risks and make mistakes; his journey to success was not a clear path. In this show, Rob shares his journey, invites industry titans to discuss their biggest mistakes and lessons learned, and helps real entrepreneurs work through challenges big and small. Access more episodes, subscribe, and learn more.