Jessica Lynne is Packing a Punch

Jessica Lynne is Packing a Punch

Jessica Lynne

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The Influence of Jante

In Denmark, we have a concept called "Janteloven" or more often translated as "The Law of Jante". If you say "Janteloven" to any Dane, they will immediately know what you are referring to. So why does this topic belong in my story? Well, growing up in Denmark most of us have felt the influence of this "law" during our life in Denmark. The breadth and depth of the influence of this "law" has indeed impacted who I am.Here is the book on Amazon: this time of hardship, please support the arts as much as you can. Please consider supporting the show with a one-time donation: the show (

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I'm Jessica Lynne and I'm a Nashville Recording Artist. I tell my story, share my life lessons and my journey through my music career. I'm always going deeper into what challenges and learning experiences I encounter, inspiration, takeaways, and insights. This is what following my dreams looks like! Access more episodes, subscribe, and learn more.