Jessica Lynne is Packing a Punch

Jessica Lynne is Packing a Punch

By Jessica Lynne

I'm Jessica Lynne and I'm a Nashville Recording Artist. I tell my story, share my life lessons and my journey through my music career. I'm always going deeper into what challenges and learning experiences I encounter, inspiration, takeaways, and insights. This is what following my dreams looks like!


The Influence of Jante

In Denmark, we have a concept called "Janteloven" or more often translated as "The Law of Jante". If you say "Janteloven" to any Dane, they will immediately know what you are referring to. So why does this topic belong in my story? Well, growing up iRead more


COVID-19: Let's Fight Back!

Before continuing to tell my story, I felt like sharing what I think is the silver lining of this COVID-19 situation. I have the sense that this COVID-19 epidemic is a stepping stone to something greater. That we can learn something, a lot of things,Read more


What it Means to be "Half-and-Half"

My story is not ordinary. I feel pretty ordinary, on the inside. But when I tell people where I come from and how I got here, it usually stirs up a gasp or two. My official story simply states that I grew up in Denmark and now live in the Pacific NorRead more


Welcome to Packing a Punch!

Welcome everyone to my Packing a Punch podcast. This is episode #1 - welcoming you! This podcast will be another platform for me (Jessica Lynne, country music artist) to tell my story. Please follow and add to your favorites!Please support the creatiRead more

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