People of Packaging Podcast by Adam Peek and Ted Taitt

People of Packaging Podcast by Adam Peek and Ted Taitt

By Adam Peek

Proud to be part of the Business and Bourbon Podcast network! This is a podcast where we illuminate the stories of people in the packaging industry. Cohosted by Adam Peek and Ted Taitt


139 - Delivering the Negotiating Experience with Erich Rifenburgh

Want to learn about how to increase your results through negotiations? Connect up with Erich!


138 - 3rd party packaging testing with Joey Beyersdorfer from Clear Packaging

Packaging testing is critical for success! Check out what the Clear Packaging team is doing at and connect up with Joey on LinkedIn at more


137 - Food traceability, blockchain, and digital printing with Adem Kulauzovic from Domino

Had to take a quick break and go on vacation, but I'm back with this episode with Adem from Domino. Connect up with him at


136 - Flexible Packaging and social media live with Paul Unrue from Atlapac

You can catch the video on Youtube - Connect up with Paul on LinkedIn - And learn more about Adam Peek at and https://anchor.fRead more


135 - Talking paper market with Joe Cali!

Make sure you connect up with Joe on Linkedin at or you can email him at You can also reach out to Adam Peek at Meyers at!

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