People of Packaging Podcast by Adam Peek and Ted Taitt

People of Packaging Podcast by Adam Peek and Ted Taitt

By Adam Peek

Proud to be part of the Business and Bourbon Podcast network! This is a podcast where we illuminate the stories of people in the packaging industry. Cohosted by Adam Peek and Ted Taitt


Season 3 FINALE - Ted talks

Well, a lot happened this season, especially in Ted's life and we wanted to wrap this up with his crazy year and why you should be excited to hear more from him in Season 4 coming this May Also, Adam's TEDx talk on Packaging came out this week. CheckRead more


Season 3, Episode 25 - Lisa Curtin, Head of Global Strategy at brandkey Graphics

HUGE thanks to DocXellent for their Season 3 sponsorship of the Podcast. Head over to and get your eBook and stop dealing with all of those loose and irregular specifications. Likewise, make sure you check out what Lisa and Read more


Season 3, Episode 24 - Brian Sanner, National Sales & Project Manager at Starkey Spring Water

If you want to learn more from Brian, please connect up with him over at Also! Go to and get your free eBook from DocXellent AND help a child in need. For every download untRead more


Season 3, Episode 23 - Cory Connors, TikTok star, Sustainable Packaging expert at Landsberg Orora

In this much overdue episode, I got to chat with Cory Connors from Orora Landsberg about a ton of things from social selling to his non profit! Speaking of his non profit, for every download of our eBook (at between today Read more


Season 3, Episode 22 - Satoru Wakeshima, Managing Partner at CBX

I had a great time chatting with CBX partner and packaging design visionary, Satoru Wakeshima about some amazing recent projects! Connect with Satoru - Connect with CBX - SuppoRead more

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