People of Packaging Podcast by Adam Peek and Ted Taitt

People of Packaging Podcast by Adam Peek and Ted Taitt

By Adam Peek

Proud to be part of the Business and Bourbon Podcast network! This is a podcast where we illuminate the stories of people in the packaging industry. Cohosted by Adam Peek and Ted Taitt


100 - Celebrating our 100th episode from the Specright Summit with Cory, Matthew, and Megan

I can't believe we got to episode 100! I'm joined by my special guests, Matthew Wright, Cory Connors, and Megan Gamble as we talk about the fact that we are all serving the packaging community in one way or another. Can't stop the movement! #packagRead more


99 - Ed Garibian at Llumin is transforming how data can impact your manufacturing company

LLumin provides operations software that dramatically reduces downtime and helps enterprises optimize the performance of their assets, streamlines the management of critical materials, and ensures compliance with regulations. Make sure you connect upRead more


98 - The Packaging News from the week of 1-10 covering Melodea, LinkedIn Creator Cory Connors, So Fresh Inc

Check out what Melodea is doing at So Fresh Inc - Send your sustainable packaging ideas to Cory Connors Join us live every Monday at 8:30 am MST on LinkedIn https:Read more


97 - Medical device packaging and the IoPP with Jennifer Benolken from Dupont

A couple of notes from this show. You must do 2 things! 1) If you aren't a member of the Institute of Packaging Professionals and you're in the industry, go to and SIGN UP! The community is great and you'll never regret it 2) Make sure yRead more


96 - Plastic recycling with the incredible Chandru Wadhwani from Extrupet

Tune in for the silky smooth voice of Chandru Wadhwani and learn all about PET and plastic recycling in Africa.  Shout out to our sponsor Specright. Learn how you can get your specs right at more

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