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Pitch List

By American Songwriter

Based in Nashville, TN, songwriter Chris Lindsey ("Every Time I Hear That Song" / Blake Shelton, "Poison and Wine" / The Civil Wars) has set out to discover what makes creative people tick. Starting with what he knows - writing - and branching out to various aspects of the music industry, Pitch List explores what it means to be a songwriter, and ultimately, a person. Join us as we talk with some of music's hit writers at the top of our Pitch List.


Ep 70: Daniel Tashian

We’re back with a brand new episode of Pitch List, and this week, Chris got to sit down with the incredible Daniel Tashian. This genius mind has won multiple Grammys (including Album of the Year) for his writing and production work on Kacey MusgravesRead more


Ep 69: Ross Copperman

This week on Pitch List, Chris chats with Grammy-nominated, Music Row icon Ross Copperman! A truly humble, hardworking, and absolutely deserving talent, you’ll get a peek behind the curtain of this writer/producer/artist who’s penned 30 number one raRead more


Ep 68: HARDY

This week, we’re hanging with HARDY, the CMA and ACM-nominated writer/artist that is dominating the scene with his rowdy redneck chart-toppers! After bursting onto Music Row in 2018 after signing to Big Loud Records, HARDY quickly earned platinum cutRead more


Ep 67: Ben Rector

This week, Chris chats with the super talented yet humble Nashville singer/songwriter Ben Rector! After gaining traction on his music in local scenes before moving to town, Ben has now written hits for the likes of Lady A + Devin Dawson, not to mentiRead more


Ep 66: Fred Mollin

Pitch List fans, buckle in! Chris sat down this week with the fabulous, multi-talented Fred Mollin. Fred is an award-winning Nashville songwriter/producer whose career runs the gamut - from TV/film scores for horror series like Friday the 13th, to DiRead more

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