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Episode 37: Chadwick Pendley and Igor Araujo: Founders of CIC Beauty

Chadwick and Igor have devoted their careers to becoming the world's greatest curl and texture experts. With almost 40 years of experience in the hair industry and diving themselves deep in the world of curls, they have made an impact on thousands of women worldwide. Giving the proper education to each client who sits before them, these two have successfully encouraged their clients to change the way they think about their image and to embrace their natural beauty. In today's world, women constantly want what they don't have. Chadwick and Igor help women recognize that beauty is not only an appearance, its an act. Igor's creative mind and Chadwick's understanding of others needs, they have been able to create a company that changes the way you think about the common house-hold beauty tools and products. Their determination to invent innovative products helping those around the world is inspiring. This is only the beginning of the story, and by listening to this podcast you will feel the love and devotion that they share to help and serve others.

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Pro Beauty Talks is a weekly podcast series that delivers information, education, and inspiration from leaders in the professional beauty industry. Whether someone is already in the beauty business or has a passion for beauty and is simply interested in learning more, this is the podcast series for them. Our listening audience will hear from some of the most successful leaders, gurus, and influencers in the profession, including interviews with leading hairdressers, executives from successful product companies, and owners of top salons. Pro Beauty Talks is the go-to source of information about the latest trends, products, and the business of beauty. Access more episodes, subscribe, and learn more.