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#TIPsyThursday: Cognitive Enhancers: Who should take them?

In the third episode of our podcast mini-series #TIPsyThursday* we discuss the 'Cognitive Enhancers'.  Host Katherine, together with co-hosts Mariel and Susan have an open discussion about what are 'Cognitive Enhancers', and what are the ethical issues that can be associated with this emerging HOT technology. Some of the questions we discussed include: What are the different types of cognitive enhancers? Should some individuals be allowed to take them and others prohibited? Why do we have a resistance to accept the widespread use of cognitive enhancers in our society? Key takeaways: 1. Cognitive enhancers can be either used to diminish or enhance brain activity. 2. Cognitive enhancers that are not regulated may pose ethical implications. 3. There is no consensus on who should and should not be prescribed cognitive enhancers. 4. Views surrounding the use of cognitive enhancers differ depending on the outcome that they facilitate. *#TIPsyThursday is an informal mini-series by Neuroethics Today where host Katherine Bassil and co-hosts Mariel Kalkach and Susan Kravitz have an open conversation about all things neuroethics including technologies that exist, do not exist, and may one day exist. You do not need to be a neuro-somebody to tune in, just grab your favourite drink, your headphones, relax and enjoy this provoking and stimulating conversation. Useful Links: Neuroethics Today website Neuroethics Today on Twitter Neuroethics Today on Instagram Neuroethics Today Merch Neuroethics Today Blog (new!) --- Send in a voice message:

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It's time for Neuroethics to make today’s news. Katherine Bassil, an upcoming neuroscientist and neuroethics enthusiast, has always tried to advocate for bridging the fields of neuroscience and neuroethics together. The absence of similar enterprises from the community makes it even more difficult for Katherine to achieve her goal. Join Katherine on her mission to show that being a neuroscientist and Neuroethics advocate, is the way for responsible brain innovation. The Neuroethics Today Podcast brings you interviews with experts in the field, where Neuroethics will question the science. Access more episodes, subscribe, and learn more.