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“Retired Law enforcement officer Alpha Mike, and his roster of superhero co-host team up to share their amazing life experiences. The conventional and unconventional way. Join us every week to discuss the Police state in America. “


Introducing M&M #293

Name: Introducing M&M  Episode: 293 Date: Feb 28, 2024 Host: Al Martinez aka Alpha Mike & Co-Host Marya Martinez  Intro: Al talks about the Tucker Carlson show regarding an interview with Mr. Mike Benz, speaking on the issue of censorship in America Read more


Start Moving #292

Name: Start Moving  Episode: 292  Date: Feb 21, 2024  Host: Al Martinez aka Alpha Mike  Intro: Trump found guilty in New York case order to pay $364 million, Fani in Georgia running a muck. Are you made yet? Educate those you come in contact with thaRead more


The Wall, Bang #291

Name: The Wall Bang  Episode:  #291 Date: Feb 14, 2024  Host: Al Martinez aka Alpha Mike Intro: FBI Director Wray speaks to National Sheriff's, National Sheriff's oppose Senate Border Bill, and once again Uncle Joe. Word: 2 Thessalonians 2:3 Summary:Read more


Fight Or Flight #290

Name: Fight Or Flight  Date: Feb 7, 2024 Episode: 290  Host: Al Martinez aka Alpha Mike  Summary: Raider Cop Podcast Host Al Martinez aka Alpha Mike, takes us down range on what does, fight or flight mean to the gun owner. Can you be a gun owner in fRead more


Shooting Paper #289

Name: Shooting Paper  Date: Jan 31, 2024  Episode: #289 Host: Al Martinez aka Alpha Mike  Word: John 1: 1-5 Up Next: Fight or Flight #290  Summary: Qualification vs. Training Paper is only a small part of your training Shooting in the range, outdoor Read more

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