Return to Self with Bruna Nessif

Return to Self with Bruna Nessif

By Bruna Nessif

Remembering who you were before the world taught you who to be is no easy task, and something host Bruna Nessif knows quite well. As an author, intuitive, and spiritual advisor, Bruna has been her own greatest case study on the mysterious and oftentimes overwhelming spiritual journey of surrender and coming back to yourself. Through honest, vulnerable, and unfiltered conversation, Return to Self reminds us that spiritual journeys can look different for everybody, however the challenges, experiences and revelations that come up are unifying, and remind us of what we always knew, but somehow forgot along the way.


Facing the Feeling

In this special season finale episode, Bruna talks about what it means to face the feeling, and how it's actually what keeps us alive, with a live studio audience in Los Angeles. The episode ends with a collective card reading. Follow Bruna: @brunaneRead more


Seeking Truth with Sattva (Part 2)

JOIN US FOR OUR FIRST RETURN TO SELF LIVE SHOW IN LOS ANGELES ON MAY 13! TICKET LINK BELOW. – In the second part of my conversation with behavior scientist & truth seeker Sattva, she illustrates how the spiritual ego can hijack our practice, how laRead more


Seeking Truth with Sattva (Part 1)

In our first two-part episode, behavior scientist, activist & spiritual seeker Sattva shares her spiritual journey, which has led her to creating a brand that debunks new-age trends through science & self-inquiry. Sattva also touches on the self-loveRead more


The Art of Play with Devi Brown

You'll need the Kleenex again for this one! Chief Impact Officer at Chopra Global & well-being educator Devi Brown opens up about how her upbringing made the idea of joy & play unnatural for her for a very long time, which prompted me to share a veryRead more


Trusting Intuition with Anna Pepe

Psychic channel and hypnotherapist Anna Pepe is focused on helping people revive the Creator within them by guiding and teaching about the power of manifestation. She shares some common blocks we create when manifesting and even gives me a channeled Read more

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